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Who We Are

Hitch-A-Hike Adventurers Safari, operating since 2016, has been providing unforgettable travel experiences for travelers from all walks of life. We are Uganda’s newest travel provider to Uganda, Rwanda, and parts of Kenya and Tanzania.

Privately owned by MUCHWA MUGISA BRIAN BENJAMIN after a long time of being a freelancer in the industry. With his passion and enthusiasm, BRIAN founded HITCH-A-HIKE ADVENTURERS SAFARI with the intention of sharing his experience in the wilderness and providing unique and adventurous tours around East Africa ( Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda) to clients. We have an East African presence with our head office in Uganda and employ over 6 specialist staff.

We offer a wide choice of travel ideas, ranging from fully independent traveling to escorted tours and adventure touring for the more adventurous trekker. Our vast product range is reflected in the strength of our brand’s partnerships with UWA, AUTO, and Friend A Gorilla.

The strength of Hitch a Hike Adventures has been the quality of our staff and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our basic objective is to so satisfy our clients that they will recommend us to their friends and travel with us again and again. That is how we’re able to keep growing for years to come.

We do not believe in the “status quo” and are always looking for new ideas to improve our product (experiences) and services. We embrace change and are always looking for new and more efficient ways to do business.

Expect more innovative ideas from us.

Our Love for the african culture


Experience Africa in so many amazing ways that are so much more than viewing wildlife. We give you THE African holiday.


“Hitch-A-Hike Adventurers Safari’ mission is to inspire people to explore the world and be the first choice for an African Safari.”

Our target traveller is someone who has already travelled to mainstream destinations and wants to keep travelling to exotic and interesting long-haul destinations. He/ she is well educated, relatively affluent and more interested in a travel experience than a holiday. They are also not as concerned about travelling in the wake of catastrophic world events.

Hitch-A-Hike Adventurers Safari’s commitment is to ensure that all of our travellers are so satisfied with our services that they recommend us to their friends and use our services next time they go on African Safari.

Because of our many years of freelance experience, we have been able to develop an exciting range of travel ideas for all kinds of Africa bound travellers… from the discerning luxury traveller to the value-conscious explorer.

Customised Travel Arrangements

We are experts in customizing independent travel arrangements according to your personal requirements, interests, budget and time available.

Escorted Tours

We operate our own escorted tours (and not sell into some other company’s program) to the Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. These exclusive small group touring experiences (on our safari page) are the only travel ideas we designate TAILORED SAFARIS. Our signature Journey of a Lifetime is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Special Interest Groups

Your group is too important to not deal with an Expert! At Hitch-A-Hike Adventurers Safari no group is too big, small or unusual to take advantage of our group organizing experience.

Romance Specialists

If you are on your first or subsequent honeymoon; or if you want to get married in an exotic location; or if you want to be a runaway bride (or groom), we have specialist staff who can make your dreams come true. Visit our Romance, Weddings and Honeymoon pages.

Why Do It With Hitch-A-Hike Adventurers Safari?

Sometimes unforeseen and uncontrollable changes may have to be made to your travel arrangements. Such problems are much easier to resolve if Hitch-A-Hike Adventurers Safari is handling your whole file, including your air ticket.

You are on holiday to have a good time. Let us handle all the day-to-day arrangements. Make Hitch-A-Hike Adventurers Safari your One-Stop Reservations Centre.

Single Traveller Savings

For many travel ideas we offer, there are no single supplements. On other trips, singles can save paying the supplement if they are willing to share… please ask at the time of booking.

Price Guarantee

It is possible that prices can change because of currency fluctuations, revisions in airfares, hotel rates etc… Once we have received your full payment as invoiced, we will guarantee your price will not increase.

Hitch-A-Hike Adventurers Safari Quick Facts

Hitch-A-Hike Adventurers Safari in Uganda based and privately owned and operated by management who care that you get what you want.

Hitch-A-Hike Adventurers Safari is committed to providing the best valued, quality holiday safaris available.

Hitch-A-Hike Adventurers Safari is here to stand by our product when you return from your trip of a lifetime.

We are not an impersonal airline subsidiary whose real objective is to sell only their parent airline.

We are not owned by a group of business investors whose only objective is getting the best return on their investment.

We are not a branch of an overseas company whose head office and shareholders are oceans away.

Within our company we have different teams and specialist staff to be of service:

  • to the discerning traveller – we invite you to try our superior service.
  • if you represent a group you can save a lot of money and possibly get a free trip.
  • to someone on a budget – we can help.